Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Calabash-Android Mobile Automation: Part 1 : Framework setup Links & video

Check here for calabash android installation steps 


Video link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9ZwdQnaXrs

List of commands are present here -(http://pastebin.com/ch7H3y8q) and they are also copied below for quick reference

Precondition :

Download application to test - WebView Demo from below link

Download android SDK -  

Steps  : (Below steps are for reference, explanation  is present in video)
  1.  Calabash Github link - https://github.com/calabash/calabash-android
  2. Install Android SDK.  set path variables (ANDROID_HOME)
  3. Launch eclipse + create AVD (Android virtual device)
  4. Copy Applicaiton APK to folder where your tests are present
  5. Run calabash-android gen command from command line - To create skeleton for features
Command used to run android tests :
calabash-android run /Users/tejasvi/Documents/proj/android/calabash-sample-proj/WebViewDemo/bin/WebViewDemo.apk


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