Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Steps: to set enviroment variables for calabash android on windows (with screenshots)

  1. Right click on my computer
  2. open Advanced settings -> Environment variables
  3. create new variable 
  4. Put value as 'ANDROID_HOME' and set value as path to android SDK ex: c:\xxxfolder\sdk
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  5. Set another variable JAVA_HOME with value as path to JAVA JDK folder 
    Env variable
  6. locate platform-tools under android-sdk folder, copy the path and open PATH env variable , Then  add ';' to end of existing value of path variable. then paste the platform-tools path

  7. Set Android Path
  8.  Repeat step 6 for tools folder located under  android-sdk
  9. Now close terminal or command prompt
  10. relaunch command prompt
  11. type SET  and press enter in command prompt to check if env variables are set
  12. also type 'adb devices' and check if adb command is added to existing path.

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